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RG-NBF5200M-8FS16GT4XS Downlink: 8 1000M/100M SFP/PON multiplexed optical ports, 16 10/100/1000M electrical ports

RG-NBF5200M-8FS16GT4XS, Reyee Gigabit passive splitting 10G SFP+ (OLT)


Passive all-fiber LAN is a new LAN networking method (P2MP). Compared with the traditional Ethernet solution (P2P), it has fewer maintenance nodes, a more streamlined layer 2 network structure, and smoother upgrade transition capabilities.

Ruijie Ruiyi has developed a new set of Ethernet optical splitting products (referred to as “Yiguang solution”). The new solution can support both passive all-fiber LAN (P2MP) and traditional Ethernet network (P2P) networking methods. Engineering companies do not need to After re-learning, you can complete the networking and debugging of the passive all-fiber LAN.

Yiguang’s solution includes optical network convergence switches (OLT), optical APs (ONUs), optical access switches (ONUs), optical splitting optical modules, passive optical splitters, and other products. The RG-NBF5200M-8FS16GT4XS series switches are optical network convergence switches (OLT) launched by Ruijie Ruiyi for passive all-fiber LANs. This series of switches adopts an efficient hardware architecture and provides larger table specifications and faster hardware processing. performance and more convenient operating experience to match the application needs of various SMB scenarios, such as weak power in parks, offices, hotels, homes, small and medium-sized businesses, etc.   

The optical network convergence switch (OLT) RG-NBF5200M-8FS16GT4XS provides complete end-to-end services for small and medium-sized networks with high-cost performance and high reliability, meeting users’ needs for high-speed, secure, and intelligent networks.

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  • RG-NBF5200M-8FS16GT4XS, Reyee Gigabit passive splitting 10G SFP+ (OLT)
  • RG-NBF5200M-8FS16GT4XS, Reyee Gigabit passive splitting 10G SFP+ (OLT)

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