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RG-WALL 1600-Z3200-S, Ruijie Next-Generation Firewall

RG-WALL 1600-Z3200-S, Ruijie Next-Generation Firewall

During deployment, use Port Scan to automatically identify the IP address and port number of a service system, and then enable Traffic Learning to automatically detect the service access relationship on the live network. You can also generate access control policies based on ports with one click, and complete firewall onboarding without professional knowledge.



Hardware Specifications
Model RG-WALL 1600-Z3200-S
Fixed 1G Ethernet port 8 USB 2 x USB 2.0 ports
Fixed 1G SFP port 1 Hard disk No hard disk for factory delivery, expansion cards supported
Fixed 10G SFP+ port 1 Hard disk expansion card 1 TB HDD
Management port 1 data multiplex port Expansion slot None
Console port 1 Power supply 1 for factory delivery
Warranty period 3 years Listing time May 2022
Software Specifications
  Model RG-WALL 1600-Z3200-S
Home To-do items To-do items on the home page
Security overview Security overview on the home page
Device information Device information on the home page
Quick onboarding Quick onboarding solution (network configuration+license activation) in rapid deployment
Monitoring center Attack statistics display Attack statistics are displayed on the monitor page
System log Logs related to systems in log monitoring
Security log Logs related to security in log monitoring
Operation log Logs related to user operations on the web UI in log monitoring
Syslog server System logs sent to a third-party server
Session monitoring Session information (new sessions and concurrent sessions) in traffic monitoring
User session count statistics and query
Traffic monitoring Traffic information on different interfaces in traffic monitoring
Traffic information on different applications on the entire network in traffic monitoring
Device health status Device health status information (overall score of resources, licenses, and configurations) in device monitoring
Hardware health Hardware information (including CPU, memory, and hard disk information) in device monitoring
Service continuity detection navigation Service continuity detection navigation on the web UI
Packet tracing Packet tracing on the web UI
Flow log query Flow log query on the web UI
Packet obtaining for analysis Packet obtaining for analysis on the web UI
Network Physical interface Configuring interfaces as LAN/WAN interfaces; three modes for WAN interfaces: PPPoE, DHCP, and static IP modes
Configuring routing or transparent mode for interfaces
Sub-interface Configuring sub-interfaces and VLAN IDs
Bridge interface Configuring interfaces in a transparent mode as bridge interfaces
Aggregate interface Configuring aggregate interfaces
Static route Configuring IPv4 and IPv6 static routes
PBR Configuring policy-based routing (PBR)
Routing table Overall routing information of a device; configuring ISP address library routes
DHCP server DHCP server; configuring DHCP address pools
Address management list Assigned DHCP address list
DNS server Configuring DNS addresses for devices
Object Address/Address group Configuring address objects in IP address/range format
Zone Configuring security zones
Application/Application Group Configuring application types in application/application group format
Service/Service Group Configuring service objects; common default port services supported
Time plan Configuring time objects; one-off time plans and cyclic time plans supported
ISP address library Default ISP address libraries: China Telecom (CHN), China Mobile (CHN), China Unicom (CHN), CERNET (CHN),
and Beijing Teletron (CHN); customizing, importing, and exporting ISP address libraries
Virus protection template Configuring content object templates; antivirus (AV) templates supported
Configuring virus protection templates; configuring quick scan or deep scan;
configuring templates based on protocols and directions; setting excluded viruses
Intrusion prevention template Configuring content object templates; intrusion prevention (IPS) templates supported
Configuring intrusion prevention (IPS) templates;
configuring rule filters based on objects, severity, protocols, and threat types; setting excluded rules
SSL proxy certificate Adding, importing, deleting, viewing, and downloading SSL proxy certificates; configuring a global SSL proxy certificate
Server certificate Importing, deleting, viewing, and downloading server certificates
Security rule base Viewing default security rules in the IPS library
Policy Traffic learning Traffic learning to record destination IP addresses and port numbers as well as abnormal traffic
Export of traffic learning logs
NAT NAT and NAT policies
Policy import Batch import of NAT policies
ALG Common NAT ALG services in NAT policy
Server mapping Server port mapping in NAT policy
Address pool NAT address pool status display in NAT policy
Security policy Configuring security policies; customizing policies based on parameters including objects, contents, and zones; policy list
Batch import of security policies
Simulation policy Simulating policy execution in the simulation space to check whether uncertain security policies can achieve expected effects
Policy configuration wizard Security policy configuration wizard for conducting port scans, performing configurations,
testing configurations, and other steps to generate security policies
Policy optimization Sorting out configured security policies and analyzing policies to identify redundant, expired, and conflicting policies
Policy lifecycle Full lifecycle display of security policies, including detailed records of policy changes
Port scan Port scan of configured IP ranges for all ports or selected ports; policy creation prompt for scan results
DoS/DDoS attack defense Different DDoS attack defense policies in security defense
ARP attack defense Anti-ARP spoofing, ARP flooding suppression, and other functions in security defense
Local defense Configuring local defense policies in security defense
Threat intelligence Enabling or disabling threat intelligence; customizing threat intelligence; managing excluded threats
Blocklist and allowlist Configuring global blocklists and allowlists
SSL proxy policy Configuring SSL proxy policies; customizing policies based on parameters including objects, contents, and zones; policy list
SSL proxy template Configuring SSL proxy templates; setting the template type to protect client or server
Allowlist Configuring domain name allowlists and application allowlists
System Administrator Creating device administrators, including account names, passwords, and description
Administrator role Setting multiple administrator roles and assigning different permissions
Clock configuration Configuring system time; NTP service configuration supported
SNMP Connecting to third-party platforms for management through SNMPv1/v2/v3
Service parameter Configuring service ports for a device, including web (HTTPS), SSH, and other ports
Authorization management Managing licenses of devices, including license import and activation
Device information Viewing device information, including the product name, SN,
and MAC address, version information, running time, and license information
System restart Restarting the system on the web UI
System upgrade Upgrading the system
Patch installation Downloading and installing patches for upgrade
Configuration backup Import and export of device configurations
Factory settings restoration Restoring factory settings on the web UI
Signature library upgrade Automatic signature library upgrades based on the latest versions on the cloud
Cloud management platform Enabling or disabling unified management on the cloud management platform
Device binding Adding devices to the cloud management platform by scanning a QR code
Ping Ping for troubleshooting
Tracert Tracert for troubleshooting
Packet obtaining tool Tool for obtaining packets and exporting results
One-click collection Collecting fault information with one click
Device health Device health diagnosis
Service Diagnosis Service continuity diagnosis
Breakdown record Breakdown information records
Device log retention Device log retention

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